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Health & Safety Information

Advanced air purification system
We have upgraded our HVAC by installing a Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System. This air purification system cleans the air of harmful pathogens such as viruses (including COVID-19), mold, bacteria, and pollutants like dust, dander, pollen, and smoke. This same type of advanced ionization technology is also used in hospitals, schools, and on aircraft. Learn more about how this system works here.

Cleaning and sanitation
Our team has implemented enhanced sanitization protocols across the winery, Upper Deck, and Lawn Bar. This includes sanitizing each table and chairs between guest use and increased cleaning of guest restrooms. All glassware and foodwares are cleaned and sanitized in high-temperature sanitizing dishwashers. 

Our team members are required to properly wash their hands regularly and immediately after doing such things as sneezing, touching their face, cleaning, and bussing tables. We have made hand sanitizer readily available throughout the winery to assist with hand sanitation when a sink is not readily available. Each table has hand sanitizer made by our Secret Garden for guest use as well. 

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