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Pasta is a great comfort food; pair it with a fine wine and you'll be in heaven, and so will your guests.

Bacon Basil Pasta
With a short list of ingredients, and one pan in which to bring them all together, this impressive dish can be created by any kitchen newbie. And the sturdy, rich Brys Estate Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with the creamy tomato sauce and bold basil flavor. Bon appetit!
Bucatini Amatriciana
This is a fantastic pasta dish that will transport you directly to the heart of Italy! It really is best with Bucatini pasta noodles (a pasta noodle that looks like spaghetti, however it's hollow in the center resulting in a long hollow tube that absorbs the sauce beautifully) but you can always use Spaghetti or your favorite pasta.
Cavatappi with Sausage, Kale & Fingerling Potatoes
This quick and easy pasta dish will be a perfect accompaniment to your night in with guests and your bottle of Brys Estate Pinot Grigio! Spicy sausage, melted cheese, and extra flavors from crisp kale and savory potatoes...yes, our mouth is watering too.
Farfalle with Roasted Chicken, Mushrooms & Winter Pesto
Since basil (or fresh store bought pesto for that matter) is not readily available in the winter months,  I created this easy winter pesto made from spinach and walnuts that goes perfectly with pasta, earthly mushrooms and roasted chicken.