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California Turkey Burger
Looking for a healthy yet delicious burger alternative to pair with a white wine?  Fire up the grill with our California Turkey Burgers which pair perfectly with our estate grown Pinot Grigio!  These calorie friendly burgers combine the lighter flavors of grilled turkey with flavor packed healthy toppings such as creamy lemon aioli, avocado, sprouts, and crumbled feta!
Feta Stuffed Lamb Burgers
Move over boring cheeseburger!  Spice up your summer grilling with our Feta Stuffed Lamb Burger!  Mediterranean flavors of lamb, feta, mint, oregano, cucumber, olive and red onion combine to create a gourmet burger that will take your summer cookout to the next level!
French Chicken
If you like chicken that is moist, flavorful and falls apart with a fork - then this recipe is for you! This super easy, one pan, make ahead dinner can be assembled in minutes, and is perfect for entertaining allowing you to focus on your guests and not on the stove top!
Garlic Mushroom Chicken
Fan favorite Naked Chardonnay makes an appearance in this easy one-pan dish meant to be enjoyed any night of the week. This recipe won't keep you beside the stove for too long or demand you spend too much time without your wine glass in your hands - we promise!
Gourmet Summer Brats
Nothing says summertime like grilling up some brats! But who wants boring ketchup, mustard & relish? This month I created four new topping combinations for your summertime brats which will certainly elevate the boring brat to gourmet grilling status!
Holiday Quiche
Having quiche for brunch on holidays has always been a tradition in the Brys family. Expanding on the traditional Quiche Lorraine which has bacon and gruyere cheese, I decided to add shittake mushrooms, sauteed spinach and shallots.
Italian Meatloaf
Homemade Italian Meatloaf and our Cab/Merlot is a perfect comfort food combination. The rich and savory tomato topping replaces traditional (and boring) ketchup and the absence of bread crumbs (which absorb fat) makes this dish gluten free and calorie friendly.
Mediterranean Chicken In Parchment
This light, healthy, simple-to-make summer dish puts a twist on boring chicken breast and rice with delicious Mediterranean flavors of lemon, kalamata olive, and capers. Great for a low-key night with guests!
Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Jeweled Couscous
Inspired by a recent trip to Morocco, this Chicken Tagine recipe is a perfect one pot winter dish that will wow you with it's warm spice and rich exotic flavors. 
Pepper Crusted Steaks with Black Truffle Butter
Nothing says summertime more to me than firing up some steaks on the grill!  This recipe is my all time favorite way to grill a steak - almost guaranteeing that the steak will be amazingly flavorful and juicy - not dried out and tough!
Pinot Noir Braised Short Ribs
Short ribs are a longstanding comfort food for many who appreciate slow cooking, and Patrick has held nothing back with an all out feast of earthy, creamy flavors that satisfy the winter palate. Nestled on a bed of roasted wild mushrooms and finished with a from-scratch cream sauce, these Pinot Noir-infused ribs are worth the time it takes to impress your guests. Cozy up!
Pork Medallions with Apple, Shallot & Crispy Sage
The flavors of pear, apple and peach found in our Riesling go incredibly well with fall inspired dinners. For this recipe I combined flavors of pork, sage, caramelized shallots and honey crisp apples to create a quick and easy dinner which can be ready in 30 minutes or less.
Riesling Braised Chicken with Tarragon & Roasted Potatoes
February is Riesling month and this recipe was created specifically to pair perfectly with our estate grown Riesling! The braised chicken thighs in Riesling wine and other flavor goodies create an amazingly moist and rich winter dish. And the roasted potatoes provide a little crunch to balance out the meal.
Roasted Chicken Pot Pie with Tarragon & Wild Mushrooms
Chicken Pot Pie must be the nearly perfect winter food.  Rich, hearty and comforting.  Instead of traditional boiled chicken, peas, carrots, and celery... I chose winter flavors such as roast chicken, wild mushrooms, french green beans and tarragon.  What resulted is a super easy, hearty pot pie that pairs perfectly with a nice winter red such as our Pinot Noir. 
Sausage, Ribs & Beans over Parmesan Polenta
This is a great comfort dish for cool nights and pairs beautifully with our Pinot Noir! The sausage, ribs and beans are braised in a rich tomato based sauce until moist and fork tender. I serve this in large bowls over a bed of creamy, parmesan polenta.
Spring Chicken in Parchment
This light, healthy and refreshing springtime dish takes the boring chicken breast and combines it with the bright spring flavors of asparagus, lemon and thyme. Add a splash of Pinot Grigio, wrap it up and it is a present you can serve your guests!
Texas Chicken - Grilled Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Goat Cheese & Basil Butter Sauce
Inspired by one of my favorite restaurants in Houston, this dish takes a boring chicken breast to another level! The grill flavors of the chicken combined with the creamy goat cheese, fresh basil and bright sun dried tomato flavors all combine to create the perfect summer dinner!
Texas Chicken Fajitas
If you thought you liked fajitas before...wait until you try our fajitas with Texas Butter Sauce! Serve these with a cold glass of our Riesling/Gris and raise a glass to Texas!
Tortilla Pizza
This effortless recipe works for lunch or dinner and takes only minutes to impress your friends – it’s perfect for make-your-own pizza parties, too.
Venison Loin with Parsnip Puree
October 27, 2021
In partnership with the Michigan DNR and their Hunting and Wild Game Cuisine project, Brys Estate vintner and avid hunter, Coenraad Stassen, and The Riverside Inn share a recipe for Venison Loin with Parsnip Puree.
Venison Stew
October 26, 2021
In partnership with the Michigan DNR and their Hunting and Wild Game Cuisine project, Brys Estate vintner and avid hunter, Coenraad Stassen shares his recipe for Venison Stew.
Wine Country Cheeseburgers
Looking for a new twist for your next cookout? Try out our Wine Country Cheeseburgers which pair perfectly with our estate grown Pinot Noir! These incredibly delicious double cheeseburgers start with a buttery brioche bun and are topped with sautéed Pinot Noir onions, a tangy burger sauce and melted velveeta cheese.